A Surefire Way To Meet *ALL* The Smart Business Owners In Your City

In my Taxi Business Marketing System and other products I talk a lot about the value of partnerships for a taxi company. Ideally, you want to partner up with anyone and everyone: bars, clubs, senior citizen living centers, dental offices, schools and so on. The list is endless. Read more »

The reason Wal-Mart has grey floors

A few days ago I’ve sent you an article about a new taxi-hailing app company that started operating in Boston. Its name is Fasten. There only one thing how it’s different from Uber, Lyft and such: instead of charging drivers a %% of rides like Uber and Lyft do, Fasten charges driver is only $1 […] Read more »

Accidental New Yorkers: Grandparents Relocate

Today I’ve stumbled across a great article in the New York Times. It’s called “Accidental New Yorkers: Grandparents Relocate.” Turns out, instead of spending their golden years baking in the sun, a growing number of seniors are choosing a grittier spot to play out their third act — New York City. Read more »

Are you trying to be all things to all people and then are surprised it isn’t working?

Our instincts tell us that we should be doing everything equally well, that we should be serving all the customers we possibly can. That’s what we were taught starting with elementary school. “Get good grades in all the classes. Be equally good at everything.” If you get a few As and a lot of Cs, […] Read more »

They look the same on the surface, but…

When promoting their taxi services, a lot of taxi business owners are stuck with simple, plain, boring discounting. Even with discounting there are many ways to make it stand out. You can see these ways all around you. For example, here’s what Starbucks does to promote their business and bring in new customers at certain […] Read more »

Advertising to hire for your taxi business: a checklist

Today I want to share with you a a simple checklist to use when advertising to attract the best employees possible for your taxi business, be it drivers, dispatchers or managers. 1:  Have a headline. The purpose of a headline is to grab attention, not to give an idea about what your ad is about. […] Read more »

A promotion called “first in line”

Here is an idea for a premium luxury option, called “first in line.” “First in line” means that if a client is waiting at a pickup location and there is a line of other people also waiting, that client can buy an option where they go to the front of the line (“first in line”) […] Read more »

Being boring

Yesterday I talked about how most taxi businesses are scared of apps, when apps aren’t the problem at all. The problem is that a typical taxi service has no relationship with its customers and its service sucks. Read more… Read more »