The snowball of doing things right

Last week I told you about the guys that are doing things right in taxi business: The Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC). You can read my full article about them by clicking here. Here’s a quick update about the DTC: Dubai Taxi bags Middle East customer care award. See, that’s what happens when you start doing […] Read more »

Do you really need to create something new to make more?

Today I want to finish our conversation about misconceptions that a lot of taxi business owners have in their heads. Last week we talked about the misconceptions of “I will be successful, if only I work long and hard” and “if only I have great service, if only I buy nice cars and have short […] Read more »

Answering your questions: Airport Concession Taxi Stand Lost. What to do?

First of all, thank you for all the questions and compliments about my website that you guys are sending me. I’ve had a lot of new private clients and members of my Taxi Profits Inner Circle, so I’ve been quite swamped lately. I’ll get to all your questions, though. Here’s one for today:Read more… Read more »

First book testimonial of 2013

First testimonial of 2013 for my book “17 Critical Mistakes You Must Avoid That Can Ruin Your Taxi Business”: Had a hectic week in the job that funds my ventures but started into the book. Like it so far and principles can be applied elsewhere too. Already marketed to golf clubs in the area whose […] Read more »

In January’s Insider’s Circle Taxi Profits Elite Print Newsletter

you will read: – The Secret To Doing Better In Business And Life – page 1 – Miscellaneous News And Resources – page 2 – Starbucks Loyalty Program And How To Apply It To A Taxi Service – page 5 – A New Angle For Taxi Services – page 13 – Welcoming New Customers Of […] Read more »