“17 Critical Mistakes You Must Avoid That Can Ruin Your Taxi Business” Paperback book


A book about marketing and managing a taxi company awaits you

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 What’s Going On?  I, Tom Terrance, have taken time to write down the most common mistakes I see taxi business owners making marketing and operating their taxi businesses in my new book in plain, easy to understand language.

 This is a real, physical, paper and ink book, not some downloadable electronic file. The book is called: “17 Critical Mistakes You Must Avoid That Can Ruin Your Taxi Business.”

In my book I’ll show you what most taxi business owners do WRONG when operating and marketing their taxi companies and I will teach you the RIGHT things to do.


Who Is Tom?

In case you’re not familiar with me… I am an expert on taxi business marketing, creator of the Taxi Business Profits Success System & Cab Millionaire Club and a coach to taxi business owners worldwide.

For the last several years I have been helping ambitious entrepreneurs in the taxi industry use smart marketing to transform their taxi businesses in ways that provide far, far greater profits…create wealth….create personal freedom and security…and lead to expansive opportunity.


What Will You Learn From Reading This Book? 

Short-term and long-term consequences of the current recession for taxi business owners and their taxi companies – p. 7

The differences between running your taxi company in a recession economy vs prosperous economy – p. 8

Who are the customers that spend on transportation during the recession – p. 10

How to get customers to be spending money with your taxi company even in a slow economy – p. 11

How to use this book to your maximum advantage – p. 14

What all lucrative taxi businesses are really about – p. 15

How to identify which ads work for your taxi company and which don’t – p. 17

Three areas of your taxi business to focus on if you are truly serious about making real money in this business – p. 19

How to stop wasting money on advertising forever – p. 20

Three things you absolutely must have in all advertisements of your taxi service – p. 22

How to stop be an advertising victim of advertising sales reps – p. 23

The most important thing to know about your customers – p. 25

Profits formula for a taxi business – p. 31

What business you are really in – p. 41

Does marketing really come before operations in the taxi business? – p. 42

Why giving more ads for you taxi company is not a solution for getting more business – p. 46

What is the most precious asset in your taxi service – p. 47

How and why your drivers and dispatchers are a part of your marketing – p. 51

Why customer complaints are a great thing – p. 55

Reasons why taxi businesses lose customers (and how to prevent that from happening) – p. 58

Why lowering fares is not a path to success – p. 61

Why you should never be the cheapest taxi service in your area – p. 62

Types of taxi service customers. Why and how you should be marketing to them differently – p. 64

A proven tactic you can use to have your customers always choose your taxi service vs your competition – p. 67

How to be absolutely honest in your advertising and make tons of money because of it – p. 68

One of the most powerful strategies that will let your taxi company stand out, provide service for premium pricing and have customers keep using your taxi company forever – p. 70

Why you can’t be looking at your taxi service as a transaction business – p. 73

How to build relationships with your customers and why you need always need to be doing so – p. 75

Important patterns in your taxi company and how to use them to your advantage – p. 80

Managing employees in taxi business – p. 86

How to deal with the difference in wealth and power between you and your employees – p. 87

The frog in the squat tale – p. 88

How to fight with theft in your taxi service – p. 89

How to be fully in control of what’s going on in your taxi company – p. 91

Why and how you should be using techlonogy – p. 92

Employees that steal – p. 98

A little about employee logic – p. 101

Reasons why your drivers and dispatchers steal – p. 102

How to prevent theft from ever happening in your taxi service – p. 104

What business systems are and why you need them – p. 108

Examples of business systems for a taxi company – p. 112

And much, much, more

Even better, this is the new, SPECIAL, RECESSION-REVISED of the book, and it includes over 20% more BRAND-NEW material. If you would like to get a copy of the book, please fill out the form below.

Paperback Book “17 Critical Mistakes You Must Avoid That Can Ruin Your Taxi Business” – $19.97