Taxi Business Tips: How To Hire Great Employees

In a taxi business getting the right people the first time matters a lot. Just think about how much money you're losing by not having enough cars on the road, by not having a mechanic who takes great care of the cars, by drivers not showing up on time and not wanting to work weekends, etc, etc.

The problem here is that most taxi business owners and managers have no idea how to properly do hiring and selection.

The way to go with hiring and selecting people is simple: you've got to be doing things differently from everybody other taxi company out there.

Finding people to work for you is a marketing exercise. It's the same as getting new customers. The core essence of the process is smart marketing.

How do you do it? You first need to decide who you want working for you. There's a difference between hiring and selection. Hiring is a mechanical process of introducing somebody to the taxi company, putting them on the payroll or doing whatever the necessary paperwork is.

Selection is different. Selection is about choosing the people that you want, figuring out whom you want, where and how to find them and how to make sure that these are actually the people that you do want.

I remember how I first drove a cab. I came to the taxi office and I said that I was interested in driving a taxi. They threw the keys at me and said: "You want to drive? Here are the keys, go and drive".

They didn't even check if I had a driver's license or not. So, let me ask you: are you happy with people for you? Would you like to be able to be get better people? If you'd like to be able to get better people, what are you doing to get better people? If you are not doing anything, then you can't expect any results. Same as with customers, you got to go out and find these exceptional people. Of course, you can sit and hope that they'll find you, but it rarely works out in life this way. For more tips and ready-to-use marketing pieces, click here and get a copy of 17 Mistakes You Must Avoid That Can Ruin Your Taxi Business book and 3 best issues of Cab Millionaire Club Letter!

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