Taxi Business Transformation Program

Introducing The ONLY Truly PROVEN PROGRAM

 For Turning Taxi Businesses Into Money Machines

 Why are you reading this letter right now? Hopefully, for these five very important and brutally honest reasons:

1. You are very unhappy (disgusted?) with the money you get to take home from your taxi business
2. You would be thrilled to do LESS work, especially LESS hard work, but make more money
3. You detest “cheapest price competition” and would prefer to promote your taxi service differently
4. You do an outstanding job of operating a taxi business, but you know you lack the knowledge, skills, savvy and experience to properly market your taxi service.
5. You are sick and tired of all the so-called advertising experts that sell advertising to taxi services that never works.

If you know in your heart that you should be making more money, I’ve got the PROVEN, very different, marketing secrets that can blow the lid off your income almost overnight.

How To Get More Really Good Customers In A Month Than You Now Get All Year! –  With Half The Effort, For Twice The Profit

Dear Friend and Taxi Business Operator,

Are You Working Too Hard For Far Too Little?

 Hi, I’m Tom Terrance.

I’ve been in the taxi industry for over 11 years.

I first drove a taxi in an NYC suburb as a 20 year old kid when I was in college. I also drove a taxi and a black car in NYC when I was putting myself through grad school.

When I graduated from University I realized that I loved the taxi business and I wanted to stay in it. I really liked meeting new people and talking to them on the phone. I loved the variety of the business – no day was the same. I could also tell that it was possible to make some serious money in the taxi business.

However, when I was looking around at how taxi companies were run, managed, what kind of people worked in them, at taxi business owners themselves, how frustrated they were with their business lives, at what they were doing to get customers, keep customers, make money, – none of it made much sense to me.

I’ve decided to figure out a better way to market and run a taxi business. A way that lets taxi business owner have a successful taxi business that makes money and attracts customers who actually appreciate quality service.

I went on a mission. I got together with some of the brightest minds in the taxi industry. I have also studied some of the most well-known marketing gurus in the world. I applied their discoveries to taxi business and created a system that can transform any taxi business in the world into a well-oiled money-making machine.

I am not just saying that. By now I have helped over 10,000 taxi business owners from all around the world, from not only United States and Canada, but also countries like South Africa, Russia, Malta, Malaysia, Baccrain and many others grow their taxi business, attract more customers, make more money, hire better people to work for them and that’s what I am about to teach you.

Here’s a Google Analytics screenshot for the visits to my website from last year: 37,886 unique visitors and 111, 797 pageviews!

Being a taxi business manager is not easy, not by a long-shot. You’re out there working hard days, and you’re constantly being disappointed by “dead-beat” employees.

Sometimes it’s a thankless job, but somehow you manage to stay on top of things and in your heart you know you can provide service better than any other taxi service.

When it comes down to it, you should be making a bundle for all the B. S. you put up with, but for some reason – no matter how hard you try – it just isn’t happening as fast as you want it to.

In today’s highly competitive market, you’ve got to have an edge to succeed. By using my highly advanced, proven methods, you can make your income explode almost overnight.

If you’d like to dramatically increase YOUR taxi company’s income then reading this page very carefully, in its entirety, is going to be THE most profitable and important thing you do all week, all month, maybe this year.

This may seem like a pretty long letter, especially if you are not much of a reader (I know I’m not), but I promise you that what I have to say will change the way you do business forever!

So get yourself a cup of coffee, a Coke or a nice glass of ice cold water, take the phone off the hook, tell your staff to leave you alone, lock the door, do whatever you gotta do to give this your full and undivided attention. I promise it will be well worth the time you spend.

Have you ever said this to yourself or your spouse:


You know what? I understand exactly how frustrating it is to feel like this. You work long hours and do your best to run a tight ship. You are constantly monitoring everything in your business and keep an eye on your drivers and dispatchers. However, if attention to all these details were all that was needed to get rich in the taxi business you would be rolling in dough. But

Secret #1: Being Good Is Not Good Enough

Don’t fall for the line “If you provide great service people will find you themselves.” Yeah, right. In today’s incredibly competitive, hectic world, nobody’s beating a path to anybody’s door.

You may even be the best taxi company in your town. You may have the best drivers and dispatchers working for you, have the most reliable and cleanest cars.

But that alone doesn’t get you all the work that you can handle… does it? …Nope.

Doing the best work must not be the secret to getting tons of business because YOUR COMPETITORS ARE GETTING PLENTY OF BUSINESS, EVEN IF THEY AREN’T AS GOOD AS YOU!!!


Well, the sad truth is, they’re getting customers because they probably do a better job marketing their businesses… not because their taxi company is better.

Even The Best Taxi Service In The World Will Struggle And Suffer, Even Go Broke Without A Steady Flow Of New, Good Customers

Like it or not, making big money in taxi business is NOT about giving rides to people. It’s all about the marketing of your taxi service. I know this shouldn’t be true BUT it is. You can fight it and go broke OR you can CHANGE! – and enthusiastically embrace it and make lots of money. (If and when you make this giant, mental paradigm shift, you instantly gain an enormous competitive edge over everybody else in your area. You’ll beat the pants off your competition!)

Most of the people that sell advertising to taxi services don’t care whether the advertisements work or not. Surprised? Reality is, they are selling advertising space not results. There is so much turnover in the business that if your taxi service goes under, next week there will be someone else who will need advertising. Knowing that, do you think that your advertising sales rep stays awake late at night trying to make sure your marketing actually works?

Absolutely, Positively, Not!

If you had the money leftover after paying all your bills to do any advertising, you probably found that whatever you tried didn’t work. Unless the ads were free (like when does that happen?), the sales they generated didn’t even cover the cost of the ad, let alone bring you the flood of customers that the advertising sales representative led you to think you were going to get.

So, disappointed and frustrated, you’ve probably set “marketing” aside and directed all your attention to “management” – lowering your costs, making sure the drivers and dispatchers show up for work and if they actually do, that they don’t steal fares, or all the other outrageous stuff that anyone outside the taxi business wouldn’t dream of happening but you have to deal with every cotton picken day.

Can You Ever Remember A Time In This Business When You Were More Frustrated?

It’s not enough that your local, state and federal governments are breathing down your neck and staying awake at night trying to think up new regulations that will cost you more money or more hassles. What about this talk about raising the minimum wage? Why can’t the bureaucrats just leave you alone? It’s not like you don’t run a clean place. After all, you’re the backbone of the economy. Just look at the people you employ. Where would they work if it wasn’t for you? Did you know that 90% of all new jobs come from small business? Why doesn’t the government give you some breaks for the people you employ? Sometimes doesn’t it feel like the only reason you are in business is to give people jobs and pay taxes?

But if you let these things consume all your time, energy and creativity, you will go right out of business sooner or later – because your most important, highest pay-off responsibility must be attracting new customers and keeping customers coming back. Next you have to find new ways to boost profits. (And I’m here to help.)

Let’s look on the bright side…..

You’ve managed to survive, maybe even prosper up to now!

However, depending on how positive you are, how good your service is, and a host of other factors, eventually you will face “Profit Erosion”. Your revenue and profit start to decline. You begin to wonder if it’s worth it. You realize you are not getting rich. Far from it. So let’s look at how you might use the realities that grind most taxi business owners down to lift yourself up – from just making a living to making a great living, even getting rich.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could spend all your time dealing with customers that really wanted to use your taxi service? And your pricing included a very handsome profit for yourself and you didn’t feel one bit guilty because you were the only place they could get what you provided?

How could you make this happen? In a few minutes I will explain exactly and specifically how you can make this happen. By using what I learned through years of trial and error and tens of thousands of dollars of mistakes. These mistakes turned into a marketing “system”. This system of ads and strategies attracts new customers and brings in existing customers more often to spend more money! This system attracts only new customers that you want to deal with like a very powerful oversized magnet. This magnetic system is so powerful and so specific that it delivers consistent profits over and over again. Just like a robot.

I have been in the taxi business for about 10 years now. When I became a member of Mr. Terrance’s  program, my situation was very desperate. I was even thinking about closing my taxi business. I didn’t know or understand how I could proceed in it and what I could do next to improve my situation. The participation in Mr. Terrance’s program was life-changing. When I enrolled in the program I averaged about 60-70 fares per 12 hour shift. I am now averaging about 200 fares per 12 hour shift.The secret to my success lies in the implementation or Mr. Terrance’s strategies. I have completely changed the way my dispatchers and drivers work. We have implemented regular mailings. We are working with our customer database. Our clients love the fact that we know them by name, that we remember their pickup and destination addresses.We have implemented Mr. Terrance’s advice for drivers, too.

Maria P,
Phoenix Taxi


But for now, I would like to talk to you about the harsh brutal realities of the taxi business. The truths that other people in this industry dare not talk about. That’s because it impacts their livelihood. They make all their money selling advertising, equipment and supplies to you. That’s all they care about. I don’t have a hidden agenda. I want you to succeed in a big way. My program will provide support and assistance along the way.

Let me tell you how I found out about a marketing “myth”.

Image or institutional advertising is what very large companies do. It is based on the premise that by making people “Aware” of your taxi service or that it “Exists” and then somehow trying to make them feel good about using your taxi service.

Image advertising that large companies invest in may work if you have a very, very, very, large budget. I mean millions. However for local taxi services, if you engage in image type advertising you will probably go broke in a New York minute trying to make it work.

I Spent $1300 on an Ad that didn’t even get me $200 in sales

And that’s what happens to everyone who doesn’t have a bank vault full of gold to try and make it work. Yeah, General Motors and IBM can probably afford it. Maybe. It isn’t very efficient. It’s like killing a mosquito with a nuclear bomb. Most taxi operators will run out of time and money long before image advertising returns any measurable results

My unique marketing will assure that you will now stand out in the crowd. No “BS” No more hoping that someone will “feel good” about your taxi service and then “hopefully” call you to get a ride. I’ll show you how to get people excited about using your taxi service. My system cuts to the chase so you get PROVEN advertising that works. I’ll show you how to avoid price competition altogether. You will be able to charge what you think is fair! Can you imagine!

Direct Response Marketing is designed to achieve a measurable, desirable result in a cost-effective manner. It is designed to pay its own way. It is the only type of marketing you should do for your taxi service.

If an ad doesn’t work once it won’t work the second or third or seventh time either.

I know that goes against everything that you have been told by advertising sales reps and what you generally see. Remember advertising sales people are selling advertising space, not results. If you don’t believe me, next time a sales rep tries to sell you advertising, instead of paying for the ad offer to pay them a couple of bucks for every person that they can get to use your taxi service. Let me know how you make out. If you want to save some time, I’ll tell you what will happen because I have tried it myself. They’ll look at you kinda funny and say “Are you crazy?” I am telling you here and now if any advertising doesn’t deliver you a steady flow of new customers, or its effect is not measurable, don’t do it. Stop in your tracks and as loud as you can yell “NO!”

My system provides you with proven ads and strategies that work over and over again. They work the first time you run them. They work the second, third, fourth time.

One Definition of Insanity is Continuing to Do The Same Things But Expecting Different Results. There must be a better way

There is a better way. My system will allow you to capitalize on your strengths as a taxi business operator AND provide you with a way to put your marketing on autopilot. It will help you take advantage of the changes happening in the taxi industry. You will be swimming with the tide instead of against it! My insider secrets will reveal exactly what the successful taxi business owners are doing all over North America and what you can do too.

This is what it is like to have fun being a taxi operator. Every morning you get up and you know you are going to have enough customers to pay the bills and a handsome profit for yourself. Better yet, these customers love dealing with you. They even take time to write or call you to thank you for the service you provide. You spend your time making sure the staff is motivated. Part of your time you negotiate with suppliers to get better pricing. With the volume you do, you deserve good prices.

In a couple of months many taxi services in your area experience the “slow season”. But not you. All you do is grab a copy of a PROVEN strategy and the business keeps rolling in. Your competitors don’t know what happened. After all it wasn’t long ago that you were suffering along with them. Inside you laugh because it has everything to do with the marketing system you have in place. It runs on autopilot!

Your company can run itself. For the first time in years, you are planning this years holiday. Funny, it didn’t seem so long ago that things were quite different……

How did you get to be this successful?

There is only one way to get there –

Secret # 2: You Must Learn How To Use “Different” Marketing Strategies, So You Can Escape The Competitive Taxi Rat Race, Have A Predictable And Steady New Customer Flow, And Can Develop Your Taxi Business Instead Of Just Giving Rides To Customers.

You must make the transition from the owner/manager of a taxi service to becoming a marketer of your taxi business.

Maybe you think you can’t do that. But I know you can. I am proof positive that you can. I did not have any advantages over you. I know what you have to go through to make it in this business. I am not super intelligent. In fact, I think the whole reason I figured this out was because I was too stupid to give up. I am just an ordinary guy that circumstances lead me into the taxi business. I know how close I was to having my whole world come unraveled. That’s how I know I can help you.

I know you can make this leap if you want to. And I’m willing and heck even anxious to show you how to do that. I wish there was someone there for me when I was starting out. Life’s too short to learn everything from scratch. Especially when there have been people ahead of you that have learned what works and what doesn’t.

Getting people to try your taxi service in this very competitive environment requires a new set of Marketing skills that you’ll never get from any Traditional Source in this industry! The little used secrets in marketing that create big numbers are emotions, empathy and compassion.

Are you surprised that your potential customers couldn’t
care less what you think they need?

The hard cold reality is that people only NEED a roof over their head and some bread to eat. They don’t need to ride in a taxi.

Is this bad? Yes. Is this sad? Yes. Would it be a mistake to try to convince people that they should be using your taxis? You bet it would. Surprised?

No One is Forced To Take A Taxi! People have a number of options, from public transportation to shared-ride services to walking!

What others think we “need” has nothing to do with what we actually want. And, it is almost an impossible task to convince someone they “need” anything they don’t already want. (Could I get you interested in something I think you need, but that you don’t really want?)

Even if you could convince someone they need something, WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO? If you used all the energy it takes to create interest where none previously exists, and spent it on finding interest that is already there,

You Would Be Able To Get Whatever YOU Want!

And isn’t that why you got into the taxi business to begin with? To get what YOU want? So do you fight an unwinnable battle against human nature, or do you become one with it, and win every time?

To have any degree of success, you must attract new customers with what THEY really want. Once you have established a solid relationship with that customer, repeat sales and word of mouth business will happen just as easily as a hot knife going through butter. That way you’ll be rich, and they’ll have what they want and everyone wins! What could be better than that?

It’s truly amazing to me that we have been taught to market to the exact opposite of human nature. We are taught to take the products we have available, and find people to sell them to. Which is the exact opposite of what we should be doing. That’s right.

We are taught to market exactly backwards! You have to find out what people are really interested in – then market to those “wants”!

Think about yourself. You’re no different than your potential customers. If you couldn’t care less about something, you won’t respond either!

Target marketing isn’t finding new potential customers…. It’s finding people who want something, and letting them buy it!!!!!!!!!

I discovered that I couldn’t sell people what I thought they needed. I started finding out what they wanted. The more I asked, the more they told me. Then I started doing what they told me, and my sales skyrocketed! My system shows you exactly and specifically how to do this PLUS:

  • How one of my members got 364 New Customers in 17 days spending only $134.50 and generating $1136.02 in Net Profit after all expenses!
  • How To Double The Value Of Your Customers
  • How To Recruit And Retain Superstar Drivers And Dispatchers
  • How To Avoid Price Competition Altogether  
  • How To Find Out Who Your Best Customers Are And How To Get More Just Like Them
  • How To Get The Local Media To Call You And Promote Your Taxi Service
  • How Not To Make The Big Mistake That Costs Taxi Business Owners Thousands Of Dollars A Year.
  • How To Get Your Current Customers Coming Back More Often!
  • How To Get Your Customers To Refer Your Taxi Service Like Crazy!
  • How To Double Your Response To Yellow Pages, And Val Pak Mailings
  • How To Stop Wasting Money On Traditional Ads That Don’t Work And Quit Becoming The Prey Of Advertising Reps
  • The Startling Difference Between Promoting Service You Think People Need, Instead Of Service They Really Want
  • Why Boring, Traditional Advertising Is A Waste, And How To Avoid Using It Forever!
  • Why Sometimes The Best Thing To Do To Grow Your Business (or start your business) Is To Buy Another Existing Business And Add It To Your Own
  • The Four Things Not To Have In Your Yellow Pages Ad And The Five Things That Must Be There.

That’s Only A Small Sample Of My Marketing Strategies!

Any ONE Of These Could Add Thousands Of

Dollars To Your Yearly Income.

All Of Them Can Blow The Lid Right Off!


If you could get only one or two of these strategies to work for you, you’d be making a lot of money. All of these work like gangbusters and when you get them working together as a system they are unbelievably powerful – producing increases of 30%, 50%, 100% and more in just 60 – 90 days time! As a member of our system, you’ll learn techniques to market and sell that invalidate all the “traditions” you’ve been taught about making money in the taxi business.

Skeptical? I guess I can’t blame you.

Listen to this from another happy client of mine:

I have been in the transportation business since 1999. What did I get from Mr. Terrance’s program?First, I’ve met some great people from the taxi industry. It has been a pleasure.Second. I did have some knowledge in regards to taxi marketing and advertising, but this knowledge was far from being structured. Most of the things I’ve been doing I’ve been doing intuitively. Now thanks to Mr. Terrence I have structure. I now know what to do and in what direction to go in my business. I’ve set my goals. I’ve gained an understanding on how to accomplish them.Third. Before enrolling in Mr. Terrance’s program, I thought that having the latest software was a key to success in my taxi service. Now I understand that the software was a pole to catch the fish. As they say, “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”. I’ve learned “how to fish” and now know places “where to fish.” Thank you, Mr. Terrance!

Gennadiy Brusov
Y Taxi

Get A Flood Of New Customers

And how to get your customers coming back more frequently.

Before I explain what benefits you receive as a member of the service, let’s get some of the most common questions taxi business owners have before joining our service:

“How much will these Strategies Cost to Get Started”

That’s a fair question. Some of these strategies cost virtually nothing and others cost up to a couple of thousand dollars to implement. Many of these strategies will cost less than $200 and you will see immediate profits from them.

“What If My Cash Flow Is Tight Right Now?”

That’s OK. You can use some of the strategies that cost nothing to get started. These strategies take a little bit more time, but if you’re broke you probably have lots of time. Then once they start making you money, you can start doing some of the other strategies.

My first strategy cost me $150 and returned $1647 in sales initially growing to several thousand dollars over several months. Not a bad return on investment!

Chances Are You Would Waste More Money On Advertising That Doesn’t Work Than You’d Spend On These Powerful Money Making Strategies

You’ll probably waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars this year on ads that don’t work. If you add up your, discount coupons, neighborhood flyers, newspaper ads, yellow pages ads, and money mailer type ads, you’ll realize that you waste a heck of a lot of money on ads that just don’t work.

Save all that money that you would have wasted and instead become a student of emotional direct response marketing. If you do you’ll be well on your way to doubling the profits of your taxi service.

“How Long Before I Start To See Results?”

Some of the strategies produce results immediately. You can start using them today and see results this week. Others will take a week to 10 days and some others will take a few months. Within 6 months, you won’t be able to remember how it felt to not have enough business.

Within the first four weeks, you will know that you have made a very smart decision grabbing onto my system and putting it to work for you.

At first I was really nervous. I had a lot of doubts: what if it’s a scam? What if there will be no program? My hands were shaking when entering the credit card info. However, I can say that I have definitely got my money’s worth and much more.I have been in the taxi business for 9 years.That being said, I was lacking experience. I was lacking knowledge about the economics of the taxi business.At first I thought that Mr. Terrance’s prices were too high. Also, I was quite skeptical about ordering something via internet. I had a lot of doubts: what if it’s a scam? What if there will be no coaching program?How that I’ve graduated from the program I am convinced that Mr. Terrance should have changed more than he did. I definitely got my money’s worth and so much more. Also, for me personally the timing was perfect.

Elena B., Taxi 004


“Do You Guarantee This Will Work”

Absolutely. I guarantee my marketing strategies in 3 ways. But before I tell you about those guarantees, I have something very important to say.

I have PROVEN ads and strategies that are working in all 50 States, Canada and Australia. These strategies are amazing and they will work like gangbusters in your taxi service. As I get new examples of PROVEN strategies I include them in our monthly newsletter so subscribers are always are up to date with marketing strategies. PLUS I have added input from top Direct Marketing experts and entrepreneurs. My new MARKETING SYSTEM is flat-out turbo-charged!

This new system is so valuable, so certain to put thousands of dollars in your pocket that I can provide not one, but THREE very generous guarantees.

Written Guarantee #1: 100%, No Risk, No Hassle, No B.S., Twelve Month, $10,000 Money Back Guarantee. If at any time within one year you aren’t completely thrilled, head over heels, happy with my systems, you can send them back and get a full refund. This guarantee is very straightforward. You don’t need a note from your mother. There isn’t any teeny, tiny fine print. If you aren’t happy, return it and get an immediate, full refund. Period.

Take 12 months to look it over. Read the manuals. Listen to the tapes. Use the system in your business. Discover how the system can generate good, loyal customers everyday. Use the whole system. Put it to work for you. Generate new customers. More referrals. Higher average checks. Benefit from it. Make money with it. And then, if you aren’t totally elated with the system or the results for any reason, I insist you send it back for a prompt and cheerful refund. — and keep the Free Gifts I will shower you with, plus any free issues of Taxi Profits Inner Circle Newsletter you’ve received, just as a gift for trusting me and trying my systems. Short. Sweet. Simple. Owning my system either makes you a ton of money — or you pay nothing. I’ll buy it back from you, UNCONDITIONALLY!

GUARANTEE #2: $10,000 In-Your-Pocket, One Year Guarantee!
I’m so sure the system will work for you that I am willing to make you an unheard of guarantee: You will put AT LEAST $10,000.00 in additional income in the bank in the next twelve months. Every penny of this money will be directly attribu table to the System.

This is money that you would NOT have other wise had. It’ll come directly from customers that came from the system. If you keep and use your system past the first 90 days, and you can show me proof that you have implemented at least one of my strategies, if at the end of A FULL YEAR (!!!) , you write me a letter and can honestly say you didn’t put at least $10,000.00 in the bank that you wouldn’t have otherwise, I will still refund every penny you paid. You are the sole judge and jury. If you try my system and it doesn’t make you money, send it back for a full refund.

This means that you can get, review, and use my System without risking a single penny of your money. ZERO RISK.

Ask yourself this question: Would I make a guarantee like that and sign my name to it, if I didn’t think the System will far exceed your expectations? I know this System will work for you — no matter what level your business is at right now. That’s why I offer you such a rock-solid guarantee.

GUARANTEE #3: I also guarantee support. You aren’t alone anymore. If you have any questions about how to use a marketing strategy or a new idea, email us anytime.

You can also reach us 24 Hours a day with our Fast FAX Hotline. The toll free fax number is 1-800-253-1633. You can send in your questions, concerns, ideas and successes 24 hours a day.

When you join, you join a team. You won’t be alone ever again. No more wondering what to do, no more wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work. We’ll be here to help you and guide you right to the top.

“What if I Have A Concept That I Want To Market?”

Much of the material covered can be adapted to virtually any transportation business. You will see real examples of marketing that works. This information will easily save you thousands of dollars.

“What Kind Of Equipment Do I Need To Do This?”

None. The majority of the strategies are designed to build your existing taxi service’s sales. But you don’t need anything!

“What If I Have Almost No Capital At This Time?”

You will find many ways to save money and expand your existing business in our Taxi Business Transformation Program©. Then you can implement these strategies in stages as you can afford them. If you need money to fund your business expansion, we do cover how to get that as well.

“Why Should I Pay You? Couldn’t I Just
Figure This Out By Myself?”

Of course you could. Just as I did. Simply allow yourself fourteen years of time, and tens of thousands of dollars for testing, and you’re all set. Cavett Robert, the founder of the National Speakers Association, said, “Experience is not the best teacher because the tuition is too high. Learn from other people’s experience!”

“Does This Work In My Part Of The Country?”

No doubt about it. These strategies work just as well in New York City, Virginia, California, Alaska, Texas, Washington, Oregon or Georgia. They also work when the economy is bad. Yes, that’s right you no longer have to be a victim of the economy. These strategies work in good times and in bad. While others around are complaining how bad things are, you’ll be making more money than ever.

“What Makes Your Methods So Special?”

Plenty. As a matter of fact there is almost nothing I do that is taught by other people in the taxi business. My strategies get people to come to you. Your customers will be convinced you are their favorite taxi service in town. I have relationships with taxi business owners and marketing experts around the world. From this I sift out only the best, proven marketing strategies and then include them in my system. I do all the work for you. There is nothing else as comprehensive or as useful anywhere on the planet!

Interestingly when advertising people see my ads, they say, “Where is the white space?” “How about your logo?”, “Let’s make the name of your company bigger and put that in the top of the ad.” “It’s too non traditional it won’t work.” The reality is that all of those things don’t matter a hill of beans to get results.

The truth is that you have only one option if you want to make money in this business. Just one, if you want to stop feeling like a victim of these times. As a very smart professional speaker, Lee Milteer, says, “There are no victims, only volunteers!” The single choice you have is to get educated real quick on how to do “Results Oriented Marketing”. Use this system and stop being a voluntary victim

“Will This Work For My Taxi Service?”

No doubt about it. It is designed to solve the marketing problems all taxi services have which is how to get new customers, convert them to regular repeat customers, and keep them and the people they refer to you coming back again and again.

“I am very skeptical about joining. I’ve been burned many times by things I buy through the internet. Your system sounds really good, maybe too good to be true. How do I know I will be getting my money’s worth.”

First of all, I want to address the issue about why did I start to do this?

Why I Got Into Teaching?

I started helping people marketing their taxi businesses in response to people who approached me with their problems. I soon found that the knowledge I had accumulated in the marketing of transportation was needed by almost all taxi services.

I don’t want to work 100-hour weeks for the rest of my life and spend most of my time in airports and traveling away from home. To do all that, I realized I needed to pass on the knowledge I have accumulated in the form of a product. That is what I have put together. It is important to me that you have what you need to succeed. So, I put together my Marketing System© and service package so you get personalized help along the way.

Which brings me to the final point about your natural skepticism. We’ve given you the most solid guarantees of anyone’s programs that we have ever seen. (How many companies give both total money back, profit and support guarantees?)

I don’t have any hidden agenda. I want you to succeed in a big way. I have spent over 10 years marketing in the taxi business. My system reveals everything I have ever seen, learned, observed or done THAT WORKS in taxi services. It’s like your own personal coach to provide support and guidance along the way.

Think about how I’ve already proven to you that I can make emotional marketing work. Think about our unheard of guarantees of satisfaction and service. And then, think about how great it will feel to finally find the better way you’ve sensed was out there somewhere! If all that still isn’t enough, please call us and ask anything else you want! I know that many people want to get more questions answered, and encourage you to call me!

OK? I hope you’re getting the idea of what I’m about, and what benefits our insider members have, that outsiders will never have. So let’s take a look at what you get for becoming a member of the Taxi Marketing System.

In total, my TAXI BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM represents hundreds of thousands invested in research testing, experts, and proving the strategies.

I did the hard part for you. Everything is perfected. Some of the items are ready for you to use immediately. All you have to do is plug in your name and taxi company. You don’t need to “reinvent the wheel”. You could go and spend several hundred thousand dollars of your own money and years trying to put all this together on your own – but why? – when I’m prepared to hand it to you on a silver platter AND guarantee its profitable impact on your business!

Less work, yet more money. It’s great!Overall, I really liked the training program by Mr. Terrance. I have been in the taxi business for less than a year, so I am a newbie. Before I was in a different business. I’ve been offered to manage a taxi service and I agreed to do so. However, I felt that I was lacking experience and Mr. Terrance’s training program definitely helped me gain what I was missing.The section about advertising was probably the most useful. I feel that I had a gap in regards to how to promote a taxi service. I didn’t know how to analyze taxi fares. I didn’t know what to pay attention to. I didn’t know how to increase profits. I am talking not about gross income, but profits. Now I know all these things.Oh, here’s another thing. Before I was always afraid to raise my prices. Mr. Terrance has explained why I shouldn’t be afraid of it. It was an interesting and risky issue for my taxi service. In the past I was convinced that discounting was the way to go, but now I understand that it’s easier to do three $50 fares than fifty $3 fares. This resulted in me raising my prices by 20% to 30%. The amount of rides we do has indeed decreased. However, when I look at the money we are netting, I see an increase. It means that I am doing less work, but am making more money. That is totally awesome.

Alexey B,
Sprint Taxi

Here are a few of the exciting Marketing Tools

I put in your hands, In My Program:

I want you to have a clear idea of the TOOLS that are featured in my system. Basically, there are five major components to the system that I provide my clients with to help them dominate their marketplace. Here are those components:

1) My Personal, Copyright- Protected, Proven Series of Letters and Ads That Bring Especially Good, New Customers To Your Taxi Business.
These letters and ads produce an enormous amount of money.

One ad that cost $134.50 to run generated 364 new customers in 17 days!

That’s not the only example. Another letter was mailed that cost $22.57 generating $297 in fares. There are many of these PROVEN LETTERS examples that are ready for you to use. You need only to copy or print and get in the mail, then relax: eager, customers start calling your taxi service. Immediately.

How many times would you like to run these ads or mail these postcards? It’s up to you. You can use these ads “as is” and use them over and over again! If you could even find an ad agency that really understood both the taxi business and direct-response, and you paid them to create the equal of these ads for you you’d pay $10,000 to $20,000 or more. But I’m granting you an unrestricted license to use my proven ads as-is or adapted without any such “whopper” of a fee!

2) Marketing Strategies For Your Taxi Service
You’ll be shown exactly and specifically numerous ways to increase your sales, with poor boy methods of marketing. All of the methods in my system are designed to increase your sales with larger profit margins. This will substantially increase the money you can take out of your business after expenses. That means MORE PROFIT FOR YOU. All you have to do is copy them and insert your name and company.

3) Quick Start Guide To Fast Cash

This guide zeros in on a few action steps you can take immediately to get a quick cash flow surge from your business. (Could you use an extra big flood of cash immediately?) This booklet guarantees that you won’t get overwhelmed. It makes getting started as easy as signing your name on a piece of paper. You can start making money the day your system arrives with this guide.

4) Success Strategies For Taxi Business

In my career and personal life, I have critically evaluated thousands of taxi companies. I go over the common mistakes made by taxi companies and what to do about them. You’ll get Strategies and Secrets that you can use right now to increase your taxi business.

In total, there are over 101 Strategies, encompassing everything from getting a new customer to giving him such an extraordinary experience he actually drags referrals to your service, to locking him in so he’s immune to competitors, to running incredibly profitable promotions. If you paid a consultant to develop System Manuals like this for you, you’d have to invest thousands of dollars. Very conservatively, if each Strategy is worth only a measly $25.00, it’s a $2,525.00 value.

“OK, How Do I Get All This Information, All These Tools,
And Put ‘Em To Use, Tom?”

Each month you will be getting downloadable links to videos, audios and templates from one module. Each of my strategies is explained and illustrated.

Here are the modules:

Module 1. Intro To Making Money In The Taxi Business

Module 2. How To Raise Your Prices And At The Same Time Have More Fares Than Competition
Module 3. How To Stand Out From Competition And Have Your Clients Ignore All Other Taxi Services
Module 4. How To Have Your Clients Come Back More Often And Give You More Money
Module 5. Secrets Of Getting New Clients For A Taxi Service On A Budget
Module 4. Other Cheap Ways To Get New Clients And How To Implement Them In Your Taxi Company

If you respond IMMEDIATELY to this offer, you will also get 7 extra FREE GIFTS:

Free Gift #1 – My Unique, Copyright-protected Consumer Awareness Script and Guide. This SYSTEM is a money-making miracle. It took me months to perfect the right message that brings in dozens of new customers. The script will eliminate all the wasted time you spend on the phone with the “price shoppers” and sift out the very best customers. You can “steal” my script and use it to start making money for you right away!

Free Gift #2 – A free membership to my Inner Circle including my newsletter called Tom Terrance’s Taxi Profits Inner Circle, audio interviews from taxi and business experts, and new turnkey marketing material every month. With these strategies you will be able to stomp on your competition. Every issue brings you new, “hot”, timely, seasonal promotions and success examples. You’ll automatically receive new material every month and lock in the preferred monthly rate of only $127 as long as you are a member ($147 International). There is no minimum number of months, and you can cancel at any time after your 2 months free membership expires.

Free Gift #3 – How To Get Free Publicity For Your Taxi Service In Your Local Media.

I’ll give you my secrets that have gotten my clients in the taxi industry literally thousands of dollars of free advertising and generated many more times that in revenue.

Free Gift #4 – A Direct Mail Critique Coupon. Once you learn how to get people to respond, you’ll be able to write your own letters. To get started I’ll critique one of your letters myself. This will enable you to make more money off your letter. I charge $500 for this critique without this coupon.

Free Gift #5 – Yellow Pages or Other Ad Critique Coupon. This one is for your yellow pages ad. I’ll review your ad and give you at least five ways you can improve it. A strong yellow pages ad can be the difference from “just getting by” and making a fortune. I normally charge $500 for this service and it’s worth it! I’ve never done a yellow pages critique that didn’t increase my client’s response. (This also can be used for any other type of ad.)

“So How Much Does This Darned Thing Cost Anyway”

 Most people guess I am into the $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 price range. Fortunately, I am not. The price for everything included with my Taxi Transformation System under the terms of a limited time  only special, is only – $397/month

As a business owner, you know $397 doesn’t buy much consulting – heck you’d be lucky if you could get a weak attempt to put together a few generic boilerplate reports on paper from any consulting agency for that. That same small investment will bring you several proven systems you can use over and over again to generate more sales and higher profit margins for your business.

But let us just point out the obvious: if your average house account bill only averages $200.00 a month (And I’ll show you how to do much better than that!), you’ll only need to get 8 new customers to completely pay for this System. You should easily accomplish this the first few days or weeks!

You can put this System on your credit card and make back the full investment BEFORE you even get the bill!

Should I charge more? Maybe. In fact, some of my clients say that I am not charging enough. So soon I’ll probably raise the price. But for now, you can get the only PROVEN System that is designed to quickly and dramatically increase your profits…clearly superior to what you can get for an outrageous general consulting fee!

It’s great to be exposed to taxi business ideas that are proven winners. Many times I have turned to the strategies you and your members have done. Today my business is twice as profitable as last year. And more importantly, both clients and our personnel are excited again about our business. Thanks for everything.”

W. Britton, North Shore Taxi

And remember, by acting immediately, you receive up to $1,500.00 in critique certificates with either system. Plus the extra gifts I just described. And three ironclad guarantees. Not only that, this system will provide countless ways to save money and increase your existing taxi business and better yet, prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Should I charge more? Maybe. And soon I probably will. But for now, you can get the only proven system designed to quickly and dramatically increase your taxi service’s profits. This System is clearly comparable to everything in a $15,000 franchise or comparably expensive consulting, for just $397/month. You can easily WASTE that much on ONE coupon mailer or advertisement that doesn’t pay off – and never know why.


I must also let you know this: if too many people respond to this offer, the laws of supply and demand will prevail – after all, I am a are businessman. So, I am letting you know up front that I guarantee the price and bonuses ONLY if you place your order by or before the OFFER DEADLINE STAMPED IN RED on the Order Form. After that, I am reserving the right to RAISE THE PRICES in the future – SIGNIFICANTLY – without notice.

Is This A Little Or A Lot?

Think about this: even if $397 is a “big number” to you at the moment, spending it really won’t alter your life much overall. And think of all the “stuff” you DO spend $397 on. Chances are, you’re paying that in interest alone on your credit cards or car loan in a year – and that’s money that just evaporates right into thin air. Nothing CAN come back to you from that. A few beers after work just one day a week, or one lunch at McDonald’s each day adds up in less than a year to more than my System costs – and that’s money that goes to your gut. Not much good there. What you miss might make the difference between creating the business you really want or having to “settle for” business – and being chained-at-the-ankle to it for the next 10, 20, or 30 years! Now just take a look at exactly everything you get, for so little:

What Do You Have To Lose?

Seriously, what do you have to lose? Nothing. You have my super generous money back guarantees with no questions asked, featuring TWELVE MONTHS FULL TRIAL, to actually use and profit from my System. And you are its sole judge and jury.


“Ever since I first saw your website and bought your materials, my life has changed for the better. My profit margins were pathetic! My income was decreasing. NOT ANYMORE. My profits have increased by 159%.”

B. Chawla, AAA Taxi

What Do You Have To Gain?

On the other hand, you have tons to gain. Once you start using my strategies, the cash will start rolling in. Soon all your money worries, all that “stress” will be gone. Your business will be fun, the way it’s supposed to be. Once you have financial control, everything is better. You don’t have to fight with your spouse about every little expense. You can smile, enjoy life. Deal with better customers. Grow your business. Create lifestyle.

You literally have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

My Final Thoughts:

When Lee Ioccoca was asked what single “quality” he looked for in the people he chose as his top, key associates, he instantly said: the ability to make a decision.

Even though I know I am giving you “the bargain of the century”, I also know that $397 IS a significant decision for a whole lot of folks. Maybe it is for you. Believe me, I understand. But if you DO have to struggle over such an amount, I have to tell you: that’s the best reason of all to act on this opportunity immediately… so two or three months from now you get past it and are NEVER financially embarrassed again.

Friend you own your own taxi business, you have developed technical skills and you do good work – you SHOULD be very well paid. Taking home more money than you need EVERY week. Investing for future financial security. If you are NOT, and you turn your back on us now, then how and when are things going to change for the better in your life? Sure, you might hit the lottery. But don’t hold your breath. Stop trying to swim upstream. Go with what works. Get my GUARANTEED, proven SYSTEM. Decide right now, to create the kind of business, income and lifestyle you and your family deserves.

According to the government; take any 100 people at the start of their working careers and follow them for 40 years until they reach retirement age and here’s what you’ll find:

  • Only 1 will be wealthy
  • 4 will be financially secure
  • 5 will continue working, not because they want to but because they have to
  • 36 will be dead
  • 54 will be dead broke — dependent on their meager Social Security checks, relatives, friends, even charity for a minimum standard of living.

That means that only 5% will be successful…95% will be unsuccessful! You now have the chance to make the right decision to give yourself a chance to make sure that you’re one of the 5% that retire financially secure.

If you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, you’re only going to get what you’ve been getting.

I can promise you that if what you are doing now is not working, it won’t be working two weeks from now, 2 months from now, or even two years from now!

You’ve got to change the way you do business. You must learn how to work smarter, using strategies that get results, instead of working harder, “spinning your wheels” doing conventional advertising or just sitting around waiting for the phone to ring.

Or if you are already pretty successful, then do what ALL champions do – decide to better your best. To get the extra edge. To excel.

This a positive decision you will be very, very glad you made – I guarantee it.


Tom Terrance, President

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