Taxi Profits Inner Circle Apology and October Schedule


First, I want to say sorry to all
Taxi Profits Inner Circle

I’ve had a glitch with my printshop and
the September issue of the Inner Circle
Letter has been delayed.

That being said, the Letter has shipped
Monday. This one contains 26 pages of pure
gold material, including Swipe And Deploy
Example of the Month, Big Lesson of the Month
and Marketing 101 Lesson. A CD with the
recordings of both September live webinars
is also on the way to Inner Circle Members.

So, if you are in the Northeast,
you’ve probably received the Letter by now.
If you are on the West Coast or in Canada,
you’ll receive it tomorrow or the day after
tomorrow and Inner Circle Members in the
UK/Middle East/Asia/Australia will have to
wait a little longer.

The Inner Circle Live Webinars this month
will as always happen on Tuesdays, October
7th and October 21st, at 12pm Eastern Time.

This month we’ll talk about Holiday Season.
Most guys in our business don’t do anything
about it, except for a few Christmas gifts to
very few VIP customers. We’ll discuss why
it’s wrong and how you should be capitalizing
on holidays not only in Nov-Dec, but also
during January and February, turning a slow
season into a very lucrative time.

If you are not yet an Inner Circle Member,


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