The AIPAD Photography Show Lessons

The AIPAD Photography Show New York, one of the most important international photography art events, was presented by The Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD) on March 29 – April 1, 2012.

More than 75 of the world’s leading photography art galleries presented a wide range of museum-quality work, including contemporary, modern and nineteenth-century photographs, as well as photo-based art, video, and new media, at the historic Park Avenue Armory in New York City’s Upper East Side.

The building itself is so magnificent that I simply have to say a few words about it!

It was designed by architect Charles Clinton in the Gothic Revival style and dedicated in 1880. It is the only armory in the United States to be built and furnished with private funds. It originally served as the headquarters and administrative building for the 7th New York Militia Regiment, known as the Silk Stocking Regiment due to the disproportionate number of its members who were part of the city’s social elite. The building is known for detailed interior rooms that are furnished with ornamental woodwork, marble and stained glass depictions of moderately disapproved behavior. Here are a few pictures of the building from Wikipedia:

You can see more pictures of Park Avenue Armory at

These days there’s a huge pavilion inside of the armory that hosts exhibits and shows:

Here’s how the AIPAD Photography Show New York looked like:

Photos aren’t really something special these days, right? Just like getting a taxi ride, taking a photograph is a routine, a commodity, something with nothing special to it.

Everyone has a camera these days, even kids. I have the cheapest cellphone I could buy and even it has a built-in camera.

Also, photos can be printed everywhere. A cheap $60 printer can print really nice photos.

Based on that, photos should be cheap, right? It’s something akin to taxi rides. A commodity with nothing special about it.

Well, most of the show exhibits at the Park Avenue Armory were for sale. Let me show you some of the prices (I took pictures, because if I just were to tell you what the prices were, there’s a chance you wouldn’t believe me):

How do you like that?

In case you can’t believe your eyes:
Ray K. Metzker
Phases of the Moon, 1965-2002
Laurence Miller Gallery
20 West 57th Street
New York
Tel: 212-397-3930

So, how is it possible for a photo to cost $150,000.00? The answer is simple: $150,000.00 is not about the photo itself, otherwise the price would never have been this high. $150,000.00 is about other things. It’s about who took the picture, it’s about negatives that come with the photo, the photo being a limited edition, autographs, a story and other things that have very little to do with the actual photo.

If you want to be making serious money in the taxi business, just like the picture above, your taxi company needs to be about more than just transportation. What does it need to be about? This answer depends on who your clients are, but the options are plenty. It can be about convenience, safety, piece of mind, being on time, getting there in the fastest time possible and many other things.

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