The real difference between Uber and you

After my post on Monday called Finally, someone is getting it half-right we have received a lot of messages from our readers.

Their first lines were almost identical: “Uber is this 50B company and we are small guys.” Funny this is, even a year ago Uber wasn’t a 50B company and 5 years ago it has just started. So how come they’ve come this far in just a few years? The answer becomes very obvious if you watch a few interviews of their CEO. Everyone in the company works, works hard, is strategic and smart.

Now, don’t get me wrong, most taxi business owners work hard, too. Do they work strategic and smart? Not really. Do you? What is your next business objective? Do you know how to reach it?

Are you a serious student of our business? You can’t say that you have no resources, because my website has over 300 free articles. Did you read them all?

My “17 Critical Mistakes You Must Avoid That Can Ruin Your Taxi Business” Book costs $20. Did you buy it? Have you read it? The book comes with a free strategy session. Did you request yours?

Have you studied the testimonials, seen what results taxi business owners get after applying my products, contacted them to connect, network and exchange ideas? Are you a Member of my Taxi Profits Inner Circle or is $97/month for Membership too much for you and you don’t need all the new and latest ideas and strategies?

I could go on and on and on, but I’m sure you get my point. In the absolute majority of cases little guys stay little and get eaten not because there was no opportunity. It’s effort and strategy that are lacking, not opportunity.

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