The secret to having airport roundtrips

A few days ago I shared with you a testimonial from my Taxi Profits Inner Circle Member David Bowden, who while sharing his impressions from my Brand New System On How To Find All The Drivers, Dispatchers and Mechanics You’ll Ever Need, said that he takes 6 to 7 people to the airport a day but picks up less than one a day there by appointment.

Such a ratio is typical for most new Taxi Profits Inner Circle Members.

What do you think the #1 reason people don’t schedule appointments at the airport is? The reason is that… they have no idea that you pick up at the airport.

Most of us have been in the taxi business for years. As such, we take a lot of things for granted. We understand the business and we think everybody else does. That’s not true. Your clients don’t understand your business the way you do.

There really are two ways to go here. One way is to be frustrated: “They are idiots. It’s so simple. They should know it.” Blaming someone else is usually very easy, yet produces no results.

There’s another way. To put yourself in your clients’ shoes. To understand that people are super busy. That your taxi service is a tiny-teeny part of their life. Something almost non-existent compared to everything else. That your clients are used to crappy taxis that are always late, that don’t show up, to dispatchers who lie to them, etc. That some taxi company may have refused to pick them up when they were out of town and now they think that all taxis from your town don’t pick up at the airports. That it is your job as a marketer of your business to explain to your clients the rules of engagement: how you work, what you can do for them, what is expected from them. Only when you do so can you expect to start making real money in our business.

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