This facebook thing is actually fun!

As you may have noticed, last week I have finally decided to create a facebook page for my business. To be honest with you, at first I was skeptical.

My business is doing great without any social media. I have more private clients than I can handle and my Inner Circle is growing steadily every month.

However, here are some of the comments that I got on my facebook page already:

From Johnny B Sanders in response to Are Your Drivers and Dispatchers Clueless:

I am a prime example. i was hired as a driver and shown how to operate the taximeter and the cabcomp. that was it!!!!no information on busy zones, slow times, customer retention. fortunately for me i am a primo customer service guy so i adapted my skill set pretty quickly and was able to survive thos first few months . its been 20 years now and still tere is no training to speak of for newbies.

From Edna Anders in response to the same article:

I train my dispatchers for two weeks before letting them on their own and my drivers for 16 hours.


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