TOM TERRANCE’S Insider’s Circle Taxi Profits Monthly Exclusive Print Newsletter & CD

Invitation from Tom Terrance for $957.95 of Taxi Business Marketing and Taxi Service Money Making Resources

One BIG PROMISE from me,

before we get to my INVITATION:


If you might be ready for NEW opportunity in your taxi business and your enterpreneurial life (yes, new opportunity even in today’s economy), you will definitely find yourself in the right place with me. If you’re ready for that kind of a creative experience that’ll get your entrepreneurial juices flowing like never before, then you’re going to be THRILLED you’ve arrived here….

 and you’ll certainly say YES to my INVITATION.


 Are you also frustrated with not having a steady flow of new and repeat business in your taxi company…

…wasting money, time and effort on advertising that doesn’t work for your taxi service, advertising designed for big, dumb companies…

Are you feeling the impact of the recession on your taxi business, but don’t know what to do about it and choose to wait, thinking it all is simply going to pass?

 Would you prefer straight, blunt, no b.s. taxi business specific advice solidly based on experience on the business battlefield…

supported by current, real life examples of what’s working for taxi companies in North America and all around the world?…


Do you feel like you are working too hard for your living…

not getting ahead fast enough?

 If you would love to find a single, all-under-one-roof, one-stop-shop source of legitimate, tested, proven yet original, innovative, even radical strategies for turning ordinary taxi business into extraordinary taxi businesses….for leveraging every offline and online means of attracting customers for your taxi company…..for immunizing and insulating yourself and your taxi service from recession….for dramatically increasing your income, decreasing your stress, and making your taxi company your slave rather than master…

If you would love to find a ‘place’ where truly smart, progressive, aggressive taxi service owners with a love for marketing and smart management, a sincere desire to get rich and richer (with no apologies for doing so), and an optimistic, forward-looking attitude ‘gather’ to exchange and share timely information and “what’s working today in the taxi industry” strategies and examples…


If you would love SPEED – big, dramatic, FAST results, a real

“income explosion”….


….then you and I may be about to become fast friends.

And I’m going to give you an  OPPORTUNITY to “test drive” me and everything I’m about and everything I now deliver to taxi business owners worldwide singing my praises.

For the last several years I have been helping ambitious entrepreneurs in the taxi industry use smart marketing to transform their taxi businesses in ways that provide far, far greater profits…create wealth….create personal freedom and security…and lead to expansive opportunity.

In short, I’ve earned the respect of the marketing world. I work daily, personally, neck deep, with many taxi company owners. My experience is real world…. trusted by many of successful taxi business owners….and continuing, current, cutting-edge.

The fees that I charge those who want to work with me personaly are out of financial reach of many of taxi business owners which is why I developed a different, easily accessible, easily affordable means of profiting from what has become:

…..systemized approaches replacing random acts in running and marketing your taxi business….breakthrough strategies that neuter competition, allow providing service at premium prices higher than all competitors successfully….. and liberating philosophy and practical advice for exceptional entrepreneurial success.

I happen to admire, respect and, yes, care for the great American entrepreneur! In this day and age, when the President, his administration and media talking-heads are openly attacking and demonizing business, when local governments all around the US are trying to make your life harder with new taxi laws and taxes, it seems to me somebody needs to stand as a voice for and encourager and supporter of the real hero of our economy: the man or woman of ideas and ambition and self-reliance.

My clients in the taxi industry tell me – in droves – that my encouragement to them to pursue success guilt-free, passionately and proudly, and to create independence and enjoy their rewards is as important to them as is the incredible collection of practical “how to” advertising, marketing, internet marketing, management and “income explosion” information and examples I bring to them every month. And I am THE ‘clearinghouse’ of the most exciting opportunities and strategies in the taxi industry.


But I’m a bit ahead of myself. I actually DELIVER TO YOU the ideas and motivation you need – like delivering a pizza to your door!


My Insider’s Circle is ‘THE place’ where taxi business owners seeking FAST AND DRAMATIC GROWTH and greater control, independence and security come together!


 Now I’m going to walk you through everything that’s waiting for you with over $1500.00 of pure, powerful, taxi business related information….

  First of all, you’ll receive The “Exclusive”

Insider’s Circle Series of 3-Seminars.


These are a series of three fast-paced, jam-packed Seminars with me presenting “everything you need to know about outrageously effective advertising, extraordinarily productive and profitable marketing of your taxi service, and fast implementation (getting things done)”.

 These Seminars are exclusively devoted to SPEED….to dramatically accelerating your accomplishment of your most important goals in your taxi company!

I give these to you because as a Member of my Inner Circle, you’ll be exposed to a whole new world of “marketing-that-works-in-the-taxi-industry” and I want to get you up to speed in a hurry.

So let me tell you a little about this ‘one-of-a-kind’ training and then I’ll tell you about everything else you’ll be receiving with your Taxi Business Money-Making Package that I have assembled for you.

On Seminar #1 I will teach you The”10 BIG” Breakthroughs… How YOU Can Multiply The Profits Of Your Taxi Business By At Least 10X Almost Overnight And Own More Autonomy, Independence And Security Than Ever Before

Here’s just a sampling of what I will be covering:

  • How to AVOID once and for all being an Advertising Victim. You’ll find out the only kind of marketing you need to do for your taxi company and why every other kind you’ll want to avoid like the plague
  • What is the EASIEST customer to provide transportation to and how to make sure you never lose an opportunity to put an “Iron Cage” around them so they never want to do business with any other taxi company
  • What is the BIGGEST MISTAKE most taxi business managers make in their marketing that’s costing them big time. Betcha you’re making that same mistake and don’t even know it!!
  • What is the SECOND EASIEST Customer to provide taxi service to and how can you obtain them for free or dirt cheap
  • Where there is the HIDDEN GOLDMINE in the taxi business and how to capitalize on it. HINT….Your competition has no idea about this and you should keep it a secret.
  • And The BIGGEEE… Getting better customers seeking your taxi company out.


Then on Seminar #2 I’ll be guiding you through The ESSENTIALS to Writing Million Dollar Ads For Taxi Companies and how you can Increase the Power of All Advertising of Your Taxi Service by Learning the 13 “Must Have” Direct Response Principles

I’ll be showing you:

  • How to use postcards ‘the right way’ as a “DIRT CHEAP” way to keep your customers using your taxi company again and again.
  • Key elements that determine the success of your taxi service website.
  • How to craft a headline that grabs the reader’s attention. I’ll even give you my formula of crafting a great headline, so it actually becomes easy.
  • How to create an Irresistible Offer that melts away any resistance to use your taxi company.

Then on your 3rd Seminar you’ll be instructed on The ESSENTIALS of Productivity and Implementation for the Taxi Business Owner That Instantly Makes You MORE Effective, Creative, Profitable, and Provides YOU MORE Time Off. Maximizing productivity and time management is an area that most taxi business owners and managers struggle with and I’ll teach you how to substantially become more effective and productive.

For example, I’ll be covering:

  • How to Master the Inner Game of Personal Peak Productivity
  • The Importance of Time Integrity and living life on your own terms
  • How to get more done in less time
  • How to get others to work on your schedule
  • How to create Clear Goals for successful implementation
  • Finally the BIGGEE….How to stop talking and planning your dreams and start Implementing them into reality


NOW I’ve finally got it!


In addition to these seminars, this package also includes a current issue of Insider’s Circle Taxi Profits Newsletter!

TOM TERRANCE’S Insider’s Circle Taxi Profits Monthly Exclusive Print Newsletter
Each issue is at least 8 packed pages, usually more. Current members refer to it as a day-long intense seminar in print, arriving by first class mail every month. There are always terrific examples of “what works in the taxi industry,” timely marketing news, trends, ongoing teaching of most important strategies… and more. Look, it’s LOADED and as soon as it arrives in your mailbox you’ll want to find a quiet place, grab a highlighter and devour every word.

But Wait…There’s Plenty More!!!

Taxi Business Income Explosion Guide & CD is especially designed for NEW MEMBERS to show them how they can join Established Members creating exciting opportunities and profit grow in their Taxi Service & greater success in their business lives.

Here’s What You’ll Discover From Listening To This CD:

The differences between running your taxi company in a recession economy vs prosperous economy

What being exceptionally successful in the taxi business is about

Where the money in your taxi business really is

Three areas of your taxi business to focus on if you are truly serious about making real money in this business

Common misconceptions about advertising your taxi company

Who are the customers you want to focus your marketing efforts on

How to identify which ads work for you and which don’t and stop wasting money on advertising forever

and much more…

As a new ‘Elite’ Gold Member you will also receive a certificate for a 30-Minute Quick-Start Coaching Session. During this private, one-on-one consultation, I will help you develop your plan of attack using the materials you receive. I’ll give you specific, step-by-step instructions on how to build or restructure your systems and processes and quickly ramp up your profits within the first month of this program

On top of that, you will receive an ad critique coupon. I will personally review your advertisements that you send me with the coupon and give you at least five ways you can improve it. A strong ad can be the difference from “just getting by” and making a fortune. I normally charge $500 for this service and it’s worth it!


Let’s review everything you’ll be receiving :

Tom Terrance’s Insider’s Circle Series of THREE Seminars on CDs $387.00 Value
1 Issue of Tom Terrance’s Insider’s Circle Taxi Profits Newsletter
$97 Value
Taxi Business Income Explosion Guide $29.95 Value
Taxi Business “FAST START” INCOME EXPLOSION CD $97.00 Value
Fast Start Coaching Certificate $250.00 Value
1 Gold Monthly CD $97.00 Value
“Taxi Business Success” online course Value:Priceless!

Total Value: $957.95

As you can see, the $957.95 of information are real prices, not some “made-up numbers”

Now I do have 2 requirements that you must meet in order to participate in this Invitation:

  1. You Must Make A Commitment to listen to the three seminars, read the newsletters and listen to the CDs each month. After all, I can guarantee you if you don’t do this…nothing will change in your taxi business, income or life.
  2. You Must Be Ethical & Honest and not use any of the information I provide you with anything that is illegal. I run a very honest business and only want to associate myself with honest people.




100%, No Risk, No Hassle, No B.S. Money Back Guarantee. If at any time within 30 days you aren’t completely thrilled, head over heels, happy with being a Member of my Insider’s Circle, you can get a full refund. This guarantee is very straightforward. You don’t need a note from your mother. No one will ask you any questions at all. No hassle. There isn’t any teeny, tiny fine print. If you aren’t happy, get an immediate, full refund. Period. I am devoted to the goal of only having satisfied customers. If you’re not going to profit from being a Member of my Insider’s Circle, I really would prefer to return your inverstment. Using my strategies either makes you a ton of money — or you pay nothing. I’ll return your money back to you, UNCONDITIONALLY!

This means that you can get, review, and be a part of my Program without risking a single penny of your money. ZERO RISK.

Ask yourself this question: Would I make a guarantee like that and sign my name to it, if I didn’t think the Membership will far exceed your expectations? I know being a Member of my Insider’s Circle will work for you — no matter what level your taxi business is at right now. That’s why I offer you such a rock-solid guarantee.

How Much Does It Cost?

However, because you have just made a very smart decision and subscribed for my FREE Taxi Business Tips Newsletter, the price if you decide to invest RIGHT NOW is only $97.00. This is a one-time offer that is only available if you decide to invest RIGHT NOW

Okay you’re probably wondering, what’s the catch? Why is Tom Terrance giving me $957.95 of pure Taxi Business Money-Making Information for just $97.00?

It’s really simple! I’m trying to get you “hooked!” That’s right. I’m shamelessly attempting to get you “addicted” my “money-making in the taxi industry” advice. Look, if I truly can put thousands or tens of thousands (or more) dollars in your pocket with my advice you’d be silly not to continue, right? Of course!!!

But on the other hand, if I don’t deliver the goods I don’t deserve your money. It’s as simple as that. This way you’re the sole, judge and if need be, executioner.


After the one full month to see whether or not I am “in sync” with you… for you to see for yourself just how thrilled you are with everything you discover here… then we’ll simply, automatically charge you the lowest fee to continue your Gold Membership, only $87 per month ($107 outside of US and Canada).

As a Gold Member, each month you’ll be receiving my Insider’s Circle Taxi Profits Newsletter and EXCLUSIVE AUDIO CDs. These cover topics of advertising, operating your taxi company, recordings of me answering questions from current Members and more. Use these CDs to turn commuting hours into power thinking hours.

You’ll also be able to get my first hand advice with SPECIAL FREE CALL-IN OPPORTUNITIES. Three to four (or sometimes more) times a year, I schedule Open Call-In Hours ONLY for Gold Members, making it substantially easier and more convenient for you to have ‘one-on-one’ access to me personally and ask me your specific marketing questions.

You can, of course, cancel this arrangement and leave me anytime you like; No hassles. No hard feelings.

If, at anytime, at the end of 30 days or anytime afterward, you feel I’m failing you, just say ‘cancel’ and it’s done. My Members do appreciate the convenience of the automatic credit card charge, so they never need worry about renewals or missing any monthly newsletters, audio CDs, other benefits or special events.

I bear the responsibility to earn your continued interest, involvement and trust each and every month. I am committed to multiplying your income.

Now, why wouldn’t you accept this offer while I’m making it available?


Dedicated to your success,

Tom Terrance

P.S. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that you’ll be receiving over $950 of pure powerful money making, business life altering information RISK-FREE….with no strings attached. All you have to do is take this simple action and you’re on your way to joining smart taxi business owners who have discovered my Inner Circle.


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      • Hi there Tom im very interested i have a story for u since i been in business for 3 years alot more compition with learning and getting tierd, but caught a second wind and bought a fresh van, wanting to get my business back and rolling again JOE!!! Budget acctually just getting by but looking up $100 bucks maybe!!!