what being in “people’s business” means to me…

Last week I posted a video called “Most important questions to ask and keep an eye on in your taxi business.”

Among other things I mentioned in it how some of the visitors of my website start threatening me before even buying anything. I guess that’s their way to say thanks for all the free information I have on my website. (In that particular case, the person wrote “I hope you give information that I’m not familiar with or I would want my money back”).

In cases like this my assistants have permission to “go at it.” Here’s what our response was in this case:

Dear ***,

there are a few hundred FREE articles on our website. There are testimonials with phone numbers from our actual clients. The fact that after checking the website and reading all the articles you still wrote “I hope you give information that I’m not familar with or I would want my money back” means that we are not a good fit. We are not interested in selling you anything.

Best of luck,
Christina at Tom Terrance’s Office

After such replies we usually get really long emails from people who for some reason are upset that we do not respond to threats well. They usually start telling us that taxi business is a “people’s business” and replies like this clearly show that we do not understand it.

Funny thing is, I completely agree with the first part of the above statement. Taxi business is a “people’s business.” It’s just that… there are people with whom I do not want to do any business at all.

I think you should be like this, too. A lot of new clients complain to me about their drivers.

I then ask: “Well, where did *YOU* get them? Apparently, *YOU* hired them, didn’t you? It was your decision. Your choice. I doubt there was anyone with a gun in your office threatening to do bad things to you if you don’t hire this person. So, what is it that you do that you end up with people you don’t want? Figure out what you are doing and start doing the opposite.” (By the way, my Step By Step System On How To Find All The Drivers, Dispatchers and Mechanics You’ll Ever Need has this opposite broken down into exact simple steps.
Here you can read what those who have applied it say about it).

It is absolutely the same with customers. Do you think that all your customers are cheap skates that only make their decisions based on price? What did you do to get them? Where are people in your area that can and will pay for taxis? What are you doing to attract them instead. Being in people’s business doesn’t mean you should be all things to all people. Figure out who your target customers are and go get them!




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