Where are you going?

My new private clients and Inner Circle Members often come to me for new ideas. The first step I suggest to them is always the same: know your customers. Know who they are, where they are going and why.

Here’s a breakdown from a recent client of mine after he surveyed his clients in the way I teach in the Taxi Business Transformation System:

My customers use my taxi service to go to:
work  – 33.7%
school – 4%
hospital – 10.3%
train station 2%
kindergarten 4.3%
business trips 3.3%
hair salons 3.3%
stores 10.3%
neighboring town 9%
parking lot 3.7%
to hang out with friends 2.7%
bars 4.7%
didn’t say 2.7%

Do you know your numbers? You can find step-by-step instructions on how to find out exactly who your customers are in my Taxi Business Transformation Program

P.S. Tomorrow we’ll talk about why knowing these numbers them is like owning a goldmine!

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