Working long and hard, but still aren’t getting where you want to?

Today I want to talk about one of misconceptions that a lot of guys in our business have in their heads.

Here it is: I will be successful, if only I work long and hard.

I have bad news for you:
It is not enough to work long and hard to be successful. Let’s take an example that’s familiar to us all: driving a taxi.

How successful will you be if all you do is drive a taxi 80 hours a week? Probably, not very.

Here’s the thing:  taxi driver job is at most a 15 dollar per hour job , so you cannot make more than $15/hour no matter how much you drive. Let’s say you are working like a maniac and driving 90 hours a week. You will make $1350 a week. There’s no way to make more as a taxi driver.

It is the same with being a business owner. If you keep working on administrative tasks, if you keep spending significant amounts of time as a watchdog because all your drivers and dispatchers screw up all the time, you will get nowhere.

Therefore, it’s not enough to be working long and hard.  You also need to be working smart.

You always have to be looking at tasks you can delegate. You should always be working on the things that have high value.

What are those things? Just to name a few most important ones: building systems, figuring out how to attract clients, how to keep clients, building a team of people that will work for you.

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