You are about to hire a driver. Will you be happy with him in 90 days? Here’s how to find out

Predicting success of those who are about to start working for or with you is possible and is actually easier than you think.

When you look at a person’s behavior, the way he/she will behave in the future is the way he behaved in the past. Psychological research tells us that after the age of 30 an average person changes less than 2%. It’s insignificant.

Here’s an example: Mary will work for you as a dispatcher, and she will need to be using a computer. You want to know how Mary learns new software, so you ask her, “Mary, what was the last piece of software you learned?”

Let’s say Mary tells you it was Microsoft Excel.

Your next question is most likely going to be “How did you learn it?” What if Mary tells you that she went to the bookstore, bought a book, read the book and practiced the examples? Most likely, Mary has learned other things by researching and practicing it herself.

When we have a way that usually works for us, we will use that technique over and over again. Mary probably did the same thing when she learned other software.

Therefore, chances are that if she has to learn a new piece of taxi software, she will go get a book, read that book, and then practice because that is how she learns.

That is what we do; we repeat our behavior, and that is also the key to the hiring system. Look for behavior.

Need to hire drivers? How should your drivers behave? What should they do? Define what you want, then look for it in their past. Chances are, if someone was rude to people at his last 3 jobs, your customers aren’t going to like him, either.

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